Branding exists all around us and leaves its mark on our subconscious every day. From billboard ads to TV commercials, we are constantly in front of ads that have been analyzed, modified and tweaked to appeal to target audiences.  They are fine-tuned to leave an immediate impact on our buying decisions.

In financial services, branding is a powerful tool to differentiate amongst the competition. It can be the difference between making memories and leaving a bad impression. Below are 5 key reasons why investing in your brand identity may be one of the most important investments you ever make for your firm.

  1. Building trust. Distinguishing yourself as a consistent brand promotes recognition and establishes your firm as trustworthy. People feel more at ease buying from something familiar. If you are sending out materials that are not branded consistently, it will undoubtedly create confusion among your audience.
  2. Creating an experience. People enjoy well-designed information and materials. When you spend time building your brand and creative strategy, you are able to reach your audience in a new, highly visual way that helps create an enjoyable experience for the consumer of the information. Remember: quality>quantity.
  3. Capturing new referrals. When you create an enjoyable and consistent brand experience, it’s “easy” for people to like you, your firm, and pass along your information. Thinking through the engagement journey, your marketing trigger points, content library, and calls to action by customer segments will help to target increase your audience.
  4.  Laying a foundation for future growth. As new products are introduced, a consistent identity system that everyone adheres to allows the firm to expand its service portfolio under one unified brand.
  5. Longevity. A well-defined brand sends the message that you are built to last which is a key trait that investors look for in new managers.

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