Communication Ideas for Building Financial Advisor Websites

Your website is the first place prospects will go to find out more information about your practice. When a high net worth individual is looking for a money manager, they need a financial advisor they can trust. Communication should be clear and consistent, in-person and on the web. Here are some ideas for presenting yourself as trustworthy and professional on your financial advisor website:

1. Tell a story about how you helped a client. Storytelling is a powerful medium that can leave a lasting impression. Tell stories that emphasize how you create trust and longevity. Remember: stories should be well-crafted vignettes that ignite interest and remain memorable. In other words, add some personality!

2. Focus on your background. Whether you are a new financial advisor or a seasoned professional, people want to know why you do what you do besides make money. The top visited areas on most websites is the “about us” section. Make sure you pay attention and give your audience what it wants.

3. Hire Professional Designers for the visual communications. Instead of hiring your brother’s son to mock-up your website, employ professionals that have industry knowledge and have successfully launched dozens of financial websites. At Buy Side Design, we have worked with 100s of managers to revamp their branding or create an entirely new brand. Go to the professionals; it’s why we are here.

4. Create content. Keep your clients informed of market information, events and data that may affect their investments. A newsletter and thought leadership articles on your website would show them you care enough to help educate them and that your firm watches for world events that might affect them.

5. Use SEO to your benefit. A website’s architecture and content should be built using data from SEO analytics. Construct your site according to what your audience is already searching for on the web. In other words, take advantage of low hanging fruit!