Buy Side Design opens shop

On Wednesday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to end an 80 year ban on hedge fund advertisements. The legislation passed just as new design house, Buy Side Design (BSD), started to pick up steam. The firm opened shop just weeks before the much awaited legislation passed in favor of opening up the advertising ban.

“Potential investors have an array of financial instruments to choose from, and an even wider pool of brokers and funds offering services to navigate the saturated market. Investors need informative materials and marketing that presents the complexities of financial instruments in an understandable and visually accessible way,” says Brenna Hardman, Co-Founder and CEO of BSD.

Buy Side Design is determined to set a new standard for education-based design and marketing services in the financial industry. Hardman describes her experience in financial markets, “I come from a background of trading and I know there is an opportunity to convey information in a more transparent way to meet investor demand.” Hedge funds want to accurately convey the value their financial instruments offer and Buy Side Design is poised to meet this demand with world-class design.

Buy Side Design (BSD) is a full-service design, media and marketing company. The firm is staffed with highly experienced capital markets, branding, design, technology and communication specialists. BSD creates strong visual concepts, brand identities, user experiences and media messages. The firm evokes curiosity and helps the world’s best funds and trading companies stand out and speak up. BSD is based out of Chicago, Illinois and offers its services globally.


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