Hedge fund marketing: 8 things you need to know

1. Good design pays off. 

A study by the Design Council of the United Kingdom proves that businesses which invest in design outperform their peers in stock performance by a full 200% over a 10 year period. Brand identity principles and smart marketing pays off. If you are a hedge fund making a presentation to a stakeholder, professional graphic design will grab attention and a certain level of credibility right off the bat. According to a study by the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 46% of people say a website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the company.

2. Powerpoint is dead.

Design your documents with Adobe. If you truly want to grab an investor’s attention, you need to use designs from Adobe Creative Suite. Never let your marketing contain clip art. Most ultra-high net worth individuals and institutions expect better.

3. Your corporate values are essential.

It is crucial that you communicate your brand values to investors. Don’t be afraid to show your personality; that is what they want to see. They want to know how you will conduct yourself on the investment journey. Make sure it is believable and memorable.

4. SEO increases web traffic, which earns credibility.

Google ranks webpages based on credibility scores and the quality of content. If you are publishing news or articles on your website (which you should be doing), make sure you research the best keywords and phrases to write, use HTML title tags, and optimize your website architecture so that search engines can “crawl” through your pages, as to increase your ranking on Google.

5. Video and visuals tell the story of your sucesses and services.

We live in a world with a constant flow of visual information. Television is still the most engaging and multisensory of media; in the age of digital ubiquity, video will continue to remain the most effective marketing tool. It presents a dynamic opportunity to showcase the character of your brand.

6. Respect the design principles of Edward Tufte. 

He is Professor Emeritus at Yale University where he taught courses in statistical evidence, analytical design and political economy. Business Week calls him “The Galileo of graphics” and the New York Times, “The Leonardi da Vinci of data”. His philosophy is to create less “chartjunk” and more data visualizations. You don’t have to overload people with 30-page presentation decks to get the point across.

7. Consider outsourcing.

Invest in the right partners to develop your marketing. It costs to have in-house marketing. Hiring an outside design team uses less internal resources on cyclical needs, which means more money for campaigning and fundraising when it counts most.

8. Your data is the star performer.

Data deserves the spotlight, especially when demonstrating a remarkable performance. Uphold the integrity of your data with visually fluent design that brings numbers to life and demonstrates your high value services and money management expertise.


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