The Importance of Design Questionnaires

At Buy Side Design, it’s important for clients to have a clear company mission statement when working together. As a part of our creative process at BSD, we engage executives, head traders, portfolio managers, compliance, and other key stakeholders with customized design questionnaires. Our surveys have many benefits for your company, as well as for our time together:

  • Unified messaging – Can you quickly describe your company’s mission statement without looking it up?  One of our goals with our questionnaires is to determine if clients missions are clearly stating the company goals, beliefs, and ideas of their firm.  A mission statement is a high-level, inspiring statement describing the purpose of the organization. Knowing this is key to design development.

(Everyone will have their own opinions and interpretations but thats a good thing. It opens the door to refining your message. Our questionnaire helps us understand your core mission and beliefs, as well as solidify your company’s overall message.)

  • Keeping Current – Over time as a company grows or changes, its core mission can start expanding or changing focus all together. Not only can websites, brochures, imagery, even business cards become outdated, your internal goals and communication can erode as well.  Answering our survey will give our teams insight and help in working with you to get the most clear and current message out to the world.
  • Showcasing Personality  – We ask questions to see what images that come to mind when clients think of their firms. We do this so we can match your company with the best visual interpretation of your brand’s personality.