Most portfolio managers and heads of financial companies do not have the bandwidth to manage their communications channels and produce investor material in a consistent way. This is because trading a portfolio of stocks, alternative investments, or anything tied to financial markets, requires a tenuous amount of effort and mindfulness. At any given moment, world markets can move and financial positions can be affected drastically. A portfolio manager should not worry about their next investor letter, press release, or website article getting out on time. They should just know it’s handled so they can focus on trading.

A Financial Writer can help:

  1. Control the narrative. The internet is becoming a scary place for the spread of false information. Do not become a victim of someone telling your story for you. If you are a company or you have investors, you need to tell them how you are doing and have an updated online presence. This can take the form of an investor letter, news article section on your blog, or a leadership voice in social media. The important thing is to start talking, make it a positive experience, and build a collection of company-branded materials online. This will help make sure that when people search your name or company, the material you authored shows up and not someone else’s.
  2. Save time. A financial writer will help you craft a narrative, find supporting research, build custom-branded charts for investors, post and target your true audience.
  3. Protect your ideas and mental capacity. Believe it or not, writing is an arduous task and it can be especially taxing with dense material like financial markets. With a financial writer by your side, you can focus on the ideas that fuel your company and turn that into actionable information for investors or clients. Distance helps you see the big picture so don’t get burnt out on the details. You’ll lose your drive to share your story, and ideas will be harder to come by.
  4. Grow your audience. Whether you are a hedge fund, broker-dealer, financial advisor or sell-side firm, you most likely need to grow your audience to grow your business. Technology, new traders, investment products, robot-advisors, and asset management tools are hitting the Street faster than you can say bitcoin. That means you need to have an edge, an online presence, and exhibit yourself as a leader in your space. You will not be able to do that if you do not get the word out and maximize your reach. The proof is in the pudding: the major newsletters, hiring campaigns, and investor letters we have worked on have helped either increased or doubled AUM, subscribers or employees.

Whether it’s for your website, investor letter, or newsletter, a trusted financial writer will help you tell your story and increase your audience. Contact us for more information about financial copywriting.