Hedge Fund capital introductions are important. In order to stand out and receive potentially lucrative capital introductions, an investment firm must appeal to institutional investors. And the goal for most emerging hedge fund managers is a capital introduction to a key institutional investor.

How can you go about getting an introduction? Firms do this with clever branding that clearly communicates an “edge”. You can do the same. When you are clear and informative, contacts will want to pass along your information and take credit for the referral.

Branded Materials for Hedge Fund Managers


These marketing decks are indispensable for capital introductions. It will be the first item a prime broker or cap intro specialist will request from you. If you do not take the time or spend the money to get this professionally made, why should someone go out of the way to make introductions to their valuable connections and/or clients?

Tear Sheet

Hedge Fund managers and financial advisors are responsible for communicating investment performance. Display your numbers in a visually appealing way and you’ll score extra points for the effort.


Websites need to portray the same story and branding as your tear sheet and pitch book. It should be an extension of your print materials and have an area for people to contact you. There is so much that can be done to improve your website.

Capital Introduction Tips

Network for Capital Introductions

Form a list of key people that are likely to know institutional investors. Get in touch with them. Discuss your goals if you are asked. Then ask if you can send over some materials.

Professionally Designed Materials

The best thing to send your contacts is professionally designed materials in a neat and easy to access electronic package that can easily be forwarded. This could vary. Generally, someone has a strong preference they will tell you because some people want info in a PDF, or a Pitchdeck. Others still might prefer it all in the email itself. The easier you can make it to forward, the better the email will be received.

Follow Up

Follow up quickly to see if your contact received the info. Ask if there’s anything more they were hoping to see in the information that would be helpful to their contacts. The feedback you receive will help you to assess how warm the introduction may be and provide an indication of whether any introductions will be made.

Make a second follow up with a handwritten card or small gift if they’ve helped with an introduction. In an age of constant pinging and introductions, you would be surprised how far a hand-written thank you card will go.

There are many other ways to get started on attracting capital introductions. You don’t have to rely on your own network. Harness the power inbound marketing. For more information about Hedge Fund Marketing, contact Buy Side Design.