For a lot of people, it’s normal feeling awkward in front of the camera, and even after doing 100s of videos and lots of photography, you can still feel awkward in photos and in front of a camera. Here are some tips on how to not feel or look awkward when taking photographs or video. These tips also apply on camera for video interviews, company webcasts, general networking, conference photography, or speaking engagements. Here they are:

  1. Prepare your outfit the night before. Take a few moments to think about the clothes that flatter you the most and will look good on camera. Don’t go for anything too “noisy” – solid colors and simpler textures and patterns are always best. If it’s a professional photo shoot, definitely opt for a suit jacket which you can also remove at some point during the photography session. Try it on days before and make sure it’s not wrinkly and you feel your best in it. The camera picks up on small things so make sure your threads are putting the best you forward.
  2. Wear makeup. Shine doesn’t look good on anyone, and if you are working with a professional photographer or videographer, chances are they will carry a makeup blotter and some unisex powder on them. Just ask if you have any shine when they start taking your photos, and if they say yes and haven’t applied makeup, please ask them to reduce the shine in post-editing.
  3. Get into character. Everyone is nervous before getting on camera. It’s one of our most vulnerable moments having ourselves captured in that way. Think about someone in media or Hollywood that you think is hot and successful. Then, when you’re in front of the camera, try your hardest to emulate their smile, attitude, and general je ne sais quoi (French for that certain something).
  4. Look at the side lens of the camera. Do not look directly into the middle of the lens. Doing this will likely give you deer in the headlights look if you are nervous. Look at the edges of the lens, and it will still look like you are looking directly into the camera, but for some reason, maybe psychological, it will help relax nerves and give yourself something solid to look at rather than a morphed lens.
  5. Do the power pose in the bathroom mirror. Have you seen Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk? If not, I highly recommend clicking on the link and watching it. Read her book Presence too. She’s a Psychologist who claims that standing in front of a mirror for 2 minutes in the power pose will heighten your confidence. I have found it works spectacularly well. Try it! 
  6. Groom yourself. No chipped nail polish, overgrown nails, out of control eyebrows or sideburns. 
  7. Get a good night’s sleep. Try your hardest not to have bloodshot eyes or bags under the eyes.
  8. Have fun with it. If you’re not having fun or happy, the camera is going to know. Find someone to take photos of you that you trust. Good corporate photography, candid shots, and b-roll video is an investment that can last for years and catapult your brand forward. Hire someone that you like being around, and that will make it fun! It will show in the results.

Corporate photography can be instrumental, providing content for website articles, images on quarterly reports, website photography, social media, and more. It is far better than any stock photography money can buy.  But corporate photography services can also be stressful because it is also a lot of pressure to look and present at your highest level. 

Financial companies that want to stand out use custom photography in order to maintain a certain image, and in the end who doesn’t want to control what visual appearance they present to the world. 

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